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 Black Azalea1 
 Calva Y Nada1 
 Chorea Minor1 
 Christian Death5 
 Clan of Xymox9 
 Contra al ray1 
 Conventus Tandaradey2 
 Das Ich10 
 Diary of Dreams7 
 Disastrous Din3 
 Dr. Death1 
 Dreadful Shadows5 
 Dreams of Sanity1 
 Earth God Rising2 
 Faith and the Muse3 
 Freiburger Spielleyt1 
 Gitane Demone4 
 Imminant Starvation2 
 In Extremo5 
 In my Rosary3 
 In the Nursery9 
 L'Âme Imortelle6 
 Love like Blood6 
 Marita Schreck2 
 Mother Destruction2 
 Near Dark2 
 Ophelias Dream1 
 Ordo Equilibro2 
 Out of Norm1 
 Relatives Menschsein1 
 Shade of Shambles3 
 Star Industry4 
 Substanz T1 
 Suicide Commando10 
 The Dying Art3 
 The Escape3 
 The Last Days Of Jesus7 
 The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus2 
 The Tors Of Dartmoor3 
 Theatre of Tragedy4 
 Tony Wakeford2 
 Velvet Acid Christ4 
 Vermillion Fields1