Bands and Artists

Currently there are 220 artists confirmed.

Bands and Artists

Autumn (USA) first European show -
Cat Rapes Dog (S) exclusive German reunion show -
Fehlfarben (D) perform "Monarchie und Alltag" -
Golden Apes (D) 20th anniversary show feat. STEVE HEWITT (LOVE AMONGST RUIN, ex-PLACEBO) -
In2TheSound (GB/D) Mike Dudley & The Convent play The Sound -
King Dude (USA) full-band show -
Lene Lovich Band (GB) exclusive German festival show celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album "Stateless" -
Murder At The Registry (D) exclusive 30th anniversary show -
Sanguis Et Cinis (D) exclusive 20th anniversary reunion show -
Sebastian Fitzek (D) reading "Der Insasse" -
Shadow Project 1334 (USA) First show of EVA O, WILLIAM FAITH and STEVYN GREY in 27 years -

Also this year, we will only announce bands which are confirmed 100% in written form for the Wave-Gotik-Treffen.
So, check back often...

  • For more information about the confirmed artists, take a look at their official webpages here

Last change: 2019-06-03