29th WGT 2021

Dear guests and friends of WGT!
Because of the current situation, which we will not address in particular, you have of course many „burning“ questions regarding this year's WGT.
Due to complex considerations we have been reticent with statements until now, especially since the legal situation seems to be rather vague. We'd like to make sure that we are trying our best to keep the tradition of WGT taking place during Pentecost weekend alive. In fact we like to offer you a meeting with a cultural supporting programme this year. By following the link below you will find answers which we will update regularly, based on the current state of affairs.

Answers (updated on 8th May 2020, 6:00 pm)

Thank you very much for your loyalty and support! We're looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully already during Pentecost weekend!

Your Treffen & Festspielgesellschaft.