Answers to current questions

updated on 22nd April 2020, 8:02 pm

  • Will the WGT take place during Pentecost weekend 2020?

    At present time, that question cannot be reliably answered, for the factual and legal circumstances are still being too vague. In fact, we are still working on different options of an implementation of WGT at Pentecost weekend 2020, in whatever form.
  • Is the WGT a „major event“ as officially defined by the authorities?

    The WGT can be regarded as a „major event“ solely to a limited extent. But, especially not as currently defined by a few German federal states. As is well-known, the WGT is a decentralised event. The numerous venues which all have a permanent concession to host events are spread across the entire city and offer different capacities. These facts being taken as a basis, a wide range of options are available for implementing the WGT in an alternative form, notwithstanding all adversities.
  • Has there been any correspondence with the government of the city of Leipzig?

    Up to the present day, there has been no offer of discussion about a possible alternative implementation of the WGT and no written correspondence either– a somewhat strange way of dealing with a company that has been privately financed from the very beginning,which did not receive any kind of monetary support from the city and which, at the same time, as estimated by several market research institutions, has generated an amount inbetween 12 and 16 million Euros of revenue spent by visitors of WGT in hotels, restaurants, taxis etc. to the city of Leipzig every year. To date, we also did not receive any written prohibition order!
  • Do owners of paid WGT tickets have legal security?

    Of course, in the event of a legally binding prohibition of the WGT at Pentecost, we guarantee that all paid WGT tickets will be valid for a forthcoming event. Should ticket owners not be able to attend WGT on Pentecost weekend due to reasons for which they can prove not to be responsible for, especially entry bans from foreign countries or cases of so-called quarantine, their tickets will remain valid for a subsequent event as well.

updated on 8th May 2020, 6:00 pm

  • Has WGT been prohibited in the meantime?

    After the official statements of the Free State of Saxony on the 30th of April 2020, the so-called general decrees as well as the general allegiations of the Federal Republic and Federal states of Germany on the 6th of May 2020 it has been made impossible to realise the WGT 2020 in an adequate way, therefore it has been factually prohibited.
  • Will the program which was planned for WGT 2020 be tranferred to the next year?

    We will try our best to engage the artists which were planned for WGT 2020 for WGT 2021. The program will of course keep its usual diversity.
  • What does this mean for already paid tickets?

    As previously stated ALL paid tickets will remain valid. The validity will be transferred completely to WGT 2021. This means that the 29th WGT will take place from 21st to 24th May 2021 during Pentecost.
    We'd be happy to welcome you as guests of WGT 2021.